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Dungeon Masters Helping Each Other

About a week ago I got into a conversation with a couple of people on Twitter about being a Dungeon Master and how it's essentially a very solitary role. It all started because I felt a hankering to create a new campaign setting, but with a twist. I wanted to create it with other DMs.… Continue reading Dungeon Masters Helping Each Other

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Review Corner: Episode 5 – Friends and Foes I & II

Full Disclosure: I was supplied these supplements by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Let me start with saying I really enjoy Cawood Publishing's supplements. I've found that the one's I have seen could quickly become an essential part of a DM's toolbox. Supplements like the Between Adventures Handbook (read my… Continue reading Review Corner: Episode 5 – Friends and Foes I & II

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What I learned from being a DM

There are hundreds of resources out there for DMs. Whether you're just starting out or have been behind the screen for years there is an abundance of blogs, videos and podcasts about how to make your game better, how to make DMing easier or how to create your own homebrew content. This post isn't necessarily… Continue reading What I learned from being a DM